Tuesday 14th June

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Coach: Menswear SS17

There was a backdrop of a vast midwestern skyline at Coach SS17. Black and white and ominous and very reminiscent of the horizon in Faster Pussycat. Kill! Kill! The difference though between the Russ Meyer classic and Coach is that the men in Coach have far more in common with Tura Satana than the redneck hillbillies she and her posse encounter. To be honest through, you could throw any film tinged with darkness and featuring an open highway at this. Wild at Heart? Why not? There was something of that unsettling Lynch menace, not to mention hints of Nicholas Cage in the clothes. SS17 for Coach is all about a black leather Perfecto, painted with Gary Baseman’s signature, ever so slightly creepy critters and worn with low slung jogging bottoms that came in a matt sheen or leather trousers that were unzipped up the calf. Moccasins and backpacks were covered with silver studs giving the whole thing a preppy boy gone bad vibe. A sort boys gone wild. Minus the tit flashing.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans