Wednesday 14th February

| BY Roxy Lola

Coach Present Their AW18 Co-Ed Show In New York

Come out, come out wherever you are. As Selena Gomez entered the Coach Autumn/ Winter 18 show, she said “It’s like my dream being in a horror film.” Stuart Vevers had built a haunted forest. Flickering TVs lit the way and the floor was covered in dirt and leaves. The eerie echoing bell of Danny Brown’s ‘Really Doe’ filled the forest and out came a very lavish, opulent collection. Dark romantic glamour. This was a modern gothic American Horror Story, in billowing dresses, talismans layered on, and classic leather whipstitched backpacks along with the new ‘Dreamer’ handbag. It was a complex patchwork; moments of leather toughened up pretty dresses, lace sliced into loose velvet and fur elongated rich leather jackets.

It was a mash up, creating a beautiful discord. A lush palette of deep earthy reds, forbidden fruit oranges, reflected the haunted forests’ night sky, bleeding into deep inky blues and midnight blacks. It felt coven-like, mystical symbols scattered about, sheer chiffon dresses swirling, dark sunglasses mysterious. The men became part of the story in their snug straight pants and oversized jackets. Key players. They all met at the crossroads between New York City and the American Southwest, discussing rituals, we presume. Intense suspense surrounded it all, with the detached static of Death Grips’ ‘Guillotine’ hollering, “Out of the shadows, barrage of witches tongue, cobra spit over apocalyptic cult, Killer cauldron smoke, stomp music.” Yes they were stomping, plotting, conspiring. Nothing is as it seems.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd Evans