Friday 19th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Comme Des Garçons Homme Plus: Menswear AW18

The Autumn/ Winter 2018 Comme des Garcons Homme Plus collection has thrown up many, many questions. Questions that I never thought I’d think of in relation to Rei Kawakubo. Questions that I now desperately need to know the answers to. Because once you hear them, you too will want to know the answers. Mainly, has Rei recently visited a natural history museum, or is she, more importantly, a closet Jurassic Park fan? And if so, which instalment is her favourite? The 90’s original? Or the Jurassic World remake? And if she is, as I suspect, a dinosaur fan, which is her favourite? I’m imagining that the diplodocus would appeal to her as it’s one of the gentler of the species, but maybe she’s a closet T-Rex freak? The dinosaur and the band?

The reason I ask this is because there were dinosaur heads here, and spines. Casts of, in white. Created specially by the artist Shimoda Masakatsu. In fact the whole collection was predominantly white, an explosion of it, if you will. With rainbow hair. Jackets were classic Comme, tailored and boxy, rather masculine in fact. Bottom halves were decked out in loose flowing shorts and variations of the trouser, all awkwardly wide and quite voluminous. The theme of the show was the idea of the inner rebel, letting your freak flag fly. And what could be more freakish than casually wondering down the street in a dinosaur head?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans