Tuesday 6th October

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Get Prepared for a Cold Winter with Connolly’s AW20 Collection

After the temperatures suddenly dropped at the end of September, and we have now started to prepare ourselves for five or so months of a near-constant cover of rain –last year’s £5 Sainsbos brolly might not weather the storm. Fortunately, Connolly has designed a collection for what may be – pandemic considered – a quieter winter season than usual. Isabel Ettedgui, Connolly’s creative director explains, “these are elegant but sporty clothes you can wear in a field or in town. It contains everything you might need or desire – a timeless uniform that transcends a selling season, or even a generation.”

The collection lends itself to the location where the campaign was shot, Farley’s House in Chidingly, Sussex, previously home to Lee Miller and Roland Penrose, where the artists lived and worked following World War 2. “The collection speaks of a post-war atmosphere” reads the press release, considering the worldwide slowing down and lack of demand within the fashion industry post-Coronavirus.

With tailoring designer, Marc Audibet’s, new take on the classic British trench (with a cinched waist and wide belt), or the Connolly Circuit sweater which pays tribute to the brands own heritage as the top provider of luxury, leather upholstering for the automobile industry – the brand has created a collection that is self-described “statement-less”. A new wardrobe of signature Connolly staples, this is exactly what the doctor ordered.

Photography by Robbie Lawrence.