Sunday 8th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Cottweiler: Menswear AW17

Remember that show, The Swan, about people who were given extreme makeovers via the use of several layers of plastic surgery? Well, this was like that. Except, not really, but there was a swan motif that ran throughout (printed upon sweats and joggers) and we couldn’t quite, at this late stage of the day, think of another swan reference. Although, like changing your face with use of a scalpel, according to the notes anyway, about the artificial. Nature, specifically – artificial nature within the modern environment. Hence the leafy backdrop. So what, then, is our modern man to wear for a walk about the woods? Well, sportswear – obviously – that’s long been Cottweiler’s starting point, here in shades of lilac and green – their belongings – bags, caps, shows, an iPhone charger? – strung about their bodies. And on their heads – torches. As any many prowling about the woods at night knows is an essential piece of equipment. So too is camouflage. And that was played on here – not through camo prints, but through reference to the ghillie suit – those full body covering that look like a shaggy mass of foliage, here becoming a proposition for a trouser or the sleeve of a jacket. Enough to make us, almost, consider going outdoors.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans