Wednesday 19th June

| BY Paul Toner

Cottweiler: Menswear SS20

The Cottweiler boys ditched the cruising grounds that inspired their AW19 collection for somewhere a little hotter this time around. Though we weren’t whisked off to an unbeknown location to top up on our tans, we got to watch the brand’s SS20 collection from the comfort of our own desks. Based off an extensive research trip to Egypt and The Middle East, the duo collaborated with Boiler Room to marry the traditional catwalk format with a virtual desert landscape – think The Sims, but if the game had a Mad Max: Fury Road expansion pack. Cottweiler staples appeared even lighter than before, with sheer cotton shirts in a blue-white gradient looking almost soaked as the creases clung to the form of the wearer. The golfer polos from last season made a reappearance, this time worn over a peachy red track jacket.

As the army of desert troopers powered through the virtual winds, it seemed now more than ever the design duo are looking to the past to inform their own futures. Windbreakers perforated with blue panels are tucked into jeans like your dad might have done back in the day, whilst sheer tracksuits sliced to expose flesh and garter belts peeking beneath track shorts carry that whisper of queer sensuality the brand excels at. The models trecked through the vast lands with tiny ceramics around their necks and carrying the latest instalment to the Cottweiler x Reebok footwear collaboration, a sleek running trainer with a girthy pearl sole. Forget gold, frankincense and myrrh – these are the gifts you’ll be hoping for next summer.