Saturday 9th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Craig Green: AW16 Menswear

Craig Green wants his clothes to be something you keep forever – he said that time and time again. And you’ve got to protect stuff you want to keep – from, like, moths, or damp, or a washer-dryer that inexplicably boils everything and then cycles onto dry to felt a very nice jumper. That’s happened to us all. So there was a feel of protection to his autumn/winter 2016 collection, hoods hugging heads tight, like Kenny from South Park, but not in orange (Craig did that last time). This time round it was pinstripes, and olive fatigues, and a very lovely boucle that Mr Green said was based on a chewed-up old towel. The sort of lovely old towel you want to keep forever. Like Craig’s lovely clothes.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans