Friday 12th June

| BY 10Magazine

Craig Green: London Collections Men Ss16

So, we were all looking forward to Craig Green. Wasn’t everyone? He’s the one we were all waiting for, and expecting great things from. Why? Because he’s menswear’s next great hope darling – no, honestly. We were hoping he was going to shake it up and change everything.

He’s actually already started, just in case you got distracted by the sheets on sticks and thought Craigy was having a lol at our expense by sending out his washing a high “fashwan” – a bit like that scene in Robert Altman’s amazingly dreadful fashion farce Prêt-à-Porter where the fake designer Simone Lo sends out naked models and everyone thinks it’s fabulous. Except Kim Basinger, doing that awful accent. Anyway, the real star in that film is Richard E. Grant being a male Vivienne Westwood with a fake kiss-curl and a real Westwood collection. We digress. But watch it if you haven’t, it’s brilliant.

The point we were trying to make was that Craig Green’s clobber is influential – look at how many wide trousers are swishing about.  And look at how right those wide trousers look, and how you wish you had a couple of pairs swaggering about your own wardrobe. That’s a big change from the skinnies.

What to take home (literally and figuratively) from Craig’s spring turn? Maybe you fancy a pair of puckered tits stitched to the outside of your sweater too? Or a jumper with boob holes (for him and for her)? Those looked great, actually – as if Mr Green was challenging himself to take the oddest things you could imagine in a man’s wardrobe an d make them look amazing. We’re not ruling out moobs being the new black, thanks to Green. In fact, maybe Green is the new black. Or maybe we’re just hungry and thinking about Green & Blacks chocolate. But this collection was wonderful. Amazing colour, amazing use of fabric, amazing, amazing, amazing. Well done boyo.

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans