Saturday 7th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Craig Green: Menswear AW17

We love you Craig. We do. Our love affair for Craig continues this season as he progresses in the way that he does best, at his own pace. It’s almost like a fashion safari. You’re in the cart driving slowly and seeing the sights. Each more amazing than the last. A snake. A gazelle. A lion. Anyway, I digress. The clothes. Oh the clothes. Colourful. Nomadic. A man on a journey. Where is he? Persia. But he misses his home comforts, so he goes to an Irish pub. The carpet. It’s patterns mesmerise him. He’s not sure if it’s the faux-Guinness or it’s hypnotic patterns. He lies down on it, very careful not to spill a drop. You wouldn’t want to stain Craig’s lovely garms, but live in them forever. Us too.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans