Monday 7th January

| BY Richard Gray

Craig Green: Menswear AW19

British fashion designer Craig Green has established himself as the go-to show on the London Menswear calendar. And this morning’s line-out (a presentation of his clothes due in shops next autumn) cemented that. Every season the London based creative, and winner of the British Fashion Council’s 2018 Designer of the Year Menswear award, experiments with new fabrics and techniques, repurposing materials we normally associate with technical outerwear, or, at this morning’s standout show: industrial packaging. Green, yellow and bright pink plastics, like those you see covering kitchen worktops in B&Q, were gathered and treated to creative elaborate ‘60s-style smocking on long coats, tops and trousers. But that wasn’t the only reference to the past.

One section of the show had fine wool tartan tunics and trousers, which harked back to school textbook drawings of Iron Age Britons; specifically the Iceni and their blue and brown checked clothes. Then a change of direction and time. Fast forward to the 1970s and hand-knitted crochet circles were sewn together with sections of fishnet, this was then laid over plain white cotton (sounds mad looked great) to create fascinating jackets and trousers. Is Craig Green the Dr Who of fashion? Then on the back of a tech-y looking coat, Green had printed, what looked like, bucolic scenes from the walls of Chatsworth or a similarly grand house. The ideas just kept coming. And coming. London has its very own fashion time lord.

Photography by Jason Lloyd- Evans.