Saturday 11th June

| BY Jack Moss

Craig Green: Menswear SS17

Oh Craig, beautiful beautiful Craig Green. How we love you so. Deeply. This time you took us on a pilgrimage. A pilgrimage to far off lands. Where boys carried their belongings on their backs – padded Indian blankets, swathes of tent-like canvas, stitched back together. And there was colour this time too – blues, reds and white, that hung, handkerchief-like. Colour that, as the press release kindly tells us, “appear as if the result of an intense, ritualistic sequence, taking on a coded significance.” And the colour felt right. Who’d have thought? Currently rethinking our all black wardrobe. See it as an ode to fabric. A love letter. Natalie thought it was a bit shipwrecked. Faded sails. Stranded boys. Will, on the other hand, is looking forward to getting his back out in those shirts, open at the back, criss-crossed with straps. Because we want it all. Every single piece. And in the end, we all came over a bit emotional. Maybe it was the music. Maybe it was all those beautiful clothes. Either way, we love you Craig. Don’t ever change. Transport us away.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans