Friday 12th May

| BY Jack Moss

Craig Green To Introduce A Core Collection

There’s something to be said to finding your signature and sticking to it. Not that Craig Green has a formula, per se – his clothing evolves in a totally brilliant way season on season – but there are certain… Craig-isms? The quilted jackets, obviously, the looped string fastenings, that ever-so-slightly warped workwear. And now, alongside his seasonal offering, he’s introducing a core collection – signature pieces, designed to be worn every day. Call it a Craig Greatest Hits. Or, as we are: his immaculate collection. Expect it to drop into stores six to eight weeks before his mainline AW17 collection, Green promising to rework his archive styles, some with a slimmer, more formal cut, as well as creating some entirely new pieces. Quick browse and there’s a brilliant hooded anorak, boucle knitwear with stringy fastening, loads of great shirting, some big cotton track shorts. A serene colour palette of black, white, navy and camel. Know we say this all the time but it’s the truth: we want everything. The boys and the girls of Ten HQ. It’s brill.