Monday 13th March

| BY Jack Moss

Dior Homme Collaborate With Japanese Artist Toru Kamei

Wondering if it’s possible to reference, for the 792nd time, Dolly Parton’s Coat of Many Colours? The one where Dolly’s mother creates a multi-coloured dreamcoat from a box of rags and her own love alone? I mean, there is something of the patchwork to this. Think of it, perhaps, as if Dolly Parton’s mother was not in fact her mother at all, and was instead Kris van Assche of Dior Homme, and the box of rags she received was not a box of rags at all, rather artworks from Japanese artist, Toru Kamei. Because here, the painter has contributed some of his work, mostly of still life flowers, here appearing either in the form of jacquard patches, stitched on almost haphazardly, photo transfers and badges. As the notes say: “for Dior Homme, his floral paintings become new icons that embody the rebellion DIY spirit of the collection”. And really, where better to hang art than right on your chest? How expensive looking is that?