Sunday 2nd April

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Dior Homme: The Evening Collection

DH 1

When it comes to black-tie dressing, we always feel that, rather than follow whatever idea of it we have in our heads, which will obviously be totally wrong (apparently, it has little to do with being tied up with black rope), it is best to adhere to the advice of the experts. After all, to quote the great not-at-all-real Jack Donaghy, when asked why he was wearing a tux after 6pm, “What am I? A farmer?” No he isn’t. He is, was actually, at that point anyway, the vice president of East Coast Television and microwave oven programming for General Electric. And have you ever seen a vice president in anything but a tux after 6pm? Which brings us to Dior Homme, who have just released what they have called the Black Carpet Collection, a capsule thing designed by Kris Van Assche that will see to all of your red, or in this case black, carpet needs. Think of this, to bastardise the press notes, as a reworking of the evening suit, a more extreme interpretation. As Glenn O’Brien, that other master of suave, once said, “You need a suit. There will always be funerals. There will be weddings. There may be trials. There will be galas, if you’re lucky.” And if there are galas involved, then you definitely need something black carpet.

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Photographer Luke & Nik
Fashion Editor Will Johns