Wednesday 9th September

| BY Jack Moss

Dior Homme: The Sole

Dior Shoe 1
According to the always reliable Google, revealing the sole of your shoe is a sign of disrespect in many countries. ‘Tremendous’ disrespect in fact. Which is a great shame when it comes to Dior Homme’s new season footwear, shoes with a sole so good it would be just as disrespectful to have to hide them away. Now, you may be wondering about what we’re fussing about. Isn’t a sole just something you tread on, sometimes in stuff that you don’t want to and isn’t allowed to touch the carpets in your mum’s house? Well, usually, yes. But these ones are special. They have a wonderful block-coloured sole, available in a variety of primary hues, making it look a bit like you’ve stepped on a box of Lego. In the best possible way. They are kind of futuristic looking, too, leaving you wondering if they might have the dual function of helping you walk on walls or the ceiling or suchlike. A good look. But a man cannot live by sole alone – so what of the shoe itself? A kind of smart/sporty hybrid, it’s in the realm of the trainer, but at the same time formal enough to wear to a club that does not allow trainers. If that makes sense? It does to us. And so does this shoe. Isn’t it a beauty?

Photograph: Jason Lloyd-Evans