Wednesday 18th November

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Kim Jones Offers a Modern Twist on Tailoring With His Latest Dior Capsule Collection

A true connoisseur when it comes to bringing classic Dior silhouettes and couture traditions into the 21st century, Kim Jones reimagines formalwear for the Dior Modern Tailoring capsule. Tailoring has always been a key element of the house’s heritage, and subsequently part of the Dior uniform, ever since the atelier doors opened in 1946. Christian Dior himself obsessed over elegance, sharp lines and sophistication, all which come with a much welcomed Kim Jones twist for this new collection.

A sublime blend of smart with casual makes this collection that more desirable. A double-breasted jacket is a nod to the traditions of suiting and formal wear as strong lines dominate the jacket’s structured silhouette. The remaining styles are a little more contemporary, placing equal importance on both style and comfort.

Zip up jackets, “revisited chinos” and tracksuit bottoms are all accompanied by the new B27 Dior trainers or CD Loafers to give an effortless, street-centric twist to tailoring. As a finishing touch, pinned to the designs is a matte black CD icon pin – the perfect addition without distracting from the simplicity of the designs. Jones nods once more to Dior’s heritage with the collection’s fabrics. A virgin wool and mohair blend, as well as a textured micro houndstooth, come together in the campaign film to celebrate movement and practicality, on top of that unshakable Dior class!

Photography by Brett Lloyd.