Sunday 19th March

| BY Natalie Dembinska

DSquared2: The Platform Boot

TM45_Ten Commandments1

To badly paraphrase the late, great Johnny Thunders, and the still alive and kicking, equally great David Johansen, both of the legendary New York Dolls – those exquisite wearers of Lurex,wild-cat print and ankle-breaking platform shoes – for the subject of DSquared2 platform boots: wearing platform boots is the best thing in the world. Boots made of leather that snakes up the calf, ending on the knee, tightly laced, hugging that fine, well-defined muscle that takes you from A to Z. I wear them because I enjoy wearing them. I’ve been wearing extra inches since I was 15. I enjoy how they make me feel. I don’t do it to be with the in crowd. I can rock out in them. Platform boots are an attitude. If nothing else, they’re a great attitude. Rock’n’rollers don’t dress for the weather. I’m wearing exactly what I want to wear and I’m having fun doing it. Many people love them, many people hate them – there’s nothing in between. That’s the way I wear them. The stuff that I dig, it’s usually got a sole-ful component to it. You don’t have to wear the highest heel or the most inches. A lot of people want to wear platform boots for a lot of reasons. You try things on in life. You wear them for a while and you see what’s next. I wouldn’t change a thing – except the height of my heel.

Taken from “Ten Commandments” Issue 45 of 10 Men, FLUID UNIQUE BRAVE, on newsstands now… 

Photographers Luke & Nik
Fashion Editor Will Johns