Tuesday 3rd November

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Have Yourself a Doggy Dunhill Christmas as the Brand Releases its 2020 Festive Campaign

Calling all dog lovers: Dunhill has dedicated its 2020 festive campaign to none other than man’s best friend. Some of us seek companionship from a loyal Labrador, whilst others want a Pomeranian that’s tailor-made for their handbag – at Ten, we love a good Chihuahua – Dunhill, however, has come together to celebrate all pooches, big or small!

There is no question that dogs become part of the family and nothing will get in the way of the special relationship between a dog and its owner,” although it might waver slightly when they get their paws on our favourite pairs of shoes. Self-confessed dog person and creative director of Dunhill, Mark Weston, explains: “I wanted our festive campaign to portray that bond. It’s authentic and brings positivity to the everyday.” The campaign sees Sal the Great Dane, Ark the Afghan Hound and Theo the Toy Poodle make their modelling debut. Of course, they are photographed with some real life models – Babacar, Stas and Hidetatsu – but Ark’s luscious locks are a big distraction!

A puppy, however, is not the only thing you’ll be adding to your Christmas list. Dunhill has specifically chosen products from its AW20 collection for the festive season, but don’t worry there are no traces of itchy Christmas jumpers. Inspired by 1970s archive packaging, it’s time to spend your holiday bonus on an array of handbags, wallets and an ace selection of dress shoes. Our favourite element is the all-over geometric pattern and an updated version of the iconic Dunhill Longtail logo. Of course, Dunhill couldn’t let the dogs go without this season’s must-have accessories as the campaign sees our favourite animal co-stars modelling some poochtastic dog collars.

Photography courtesy of Dunhill. You can shop Dunhill’s festive edit here.