Monday 25th June

| BY Richard Gray

Dunhill: Menswear Spring/ Summer 2019

In the Dunhill London flagship store, there is a spa and grooming area; you can buy clothes and have a drink and lunch and so on. If a gentleman’s club were a brand it would be this. It’s “catered for” and considered. Dunhill understand how a gentleman lives, what he loves; how he dresses. The occasions he has to attend. So where do we stand on the British brand’s spring ‘19 collection? The flick-knife pleat-front trousers were immaculate and the ‘80s-style tops – one leather one was as soft as silk – were so well tailored. It’s a modern and easy wardrobe, which plays around with the past but never looks pastiche. You could try the navy, fine wool long coat and matching suit, too: this colour-on-colour thing looks exquisite for spring. Overall, it was technically beautiful and super-easy to wear. And, if the line-out could be a song (and it was) it would be Gary Numan’s Cars, because, well, the whole thing was ’80s-inflected and more than nodded to New Wave. *insert heart emoticons here.*

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans