Wednesday 26th August

| BY Jack Moss

Dunhill: School Ties

When I was at school, a striped tie was an essential part of the uniform – one not wholly dissimilar to those that Dunhill presented as part of their Autumn Winter collection. However, due to the immense group mentality of several hundred pubescent teens, we did not wear ours in the classic style, a la Dunhill. Oh no. We wore ours ‘superfat’. Yes, it’s a thing – very large knot, wide, two inch tie underneath, narrow part hidden inside the shirt. Google it. I can imagine trying to explain this phenomenon to John Ray, creative director of Dunhill, and eliciting only a blank stare. For good reason – his ties demonstrate a far more intellectual bent – read: high-priced public school rather than my local comp. So, now that it’s almost September and the beginning of a new term – leave your past behind and go back to school the Dunhill way. You’ll be rubbing shoulders with the upper echelons before you know it. Tally ho!

Photographs: Jason Lloyd-Evans