Tuesday 5th January

| BY Jack Moss

Dunhill: SS16 Campaign

Proper posh fashion courtesy of Dunhill’s Spring campaign, depicting handsome, rich men (you can tell, it’s something about their skin, the gait of their walk) prowling Eaton Square. Eaton Square, for those not familiar with London’s pricier neighbourhoods, is a street whereby you refer to yourself as “maintaining an address” and the houses have like, chandeliers and stuff. The air, for those of us more used to the pollution-filled areas to east of the city, is cleaner here, houses are blinding white, cars are vintage. And the gentlemen, though various ages are equally aesthetically blessed, clad in perfectly tailored suits. And when I say perfectly tailored, I mean perfectly. Every inch in accounted for – like somebody has traced the width of their thighs, the roundness of their buttocks. Because that’s what Dunhill is about, isn’t it? Perfect clothing the the perfect British gent, one who still appreciates tailoring and all the accoutrements that go alongside. “It’s about British classic-ness, town and country and Edward VIII. I didn’t want it to be super-styled,” said John Ray, Creative Director said to WWD. So dig deep and channel your inner posho. There’s one in all of us if you delve down far enough.

Photographs by Peter Lindbergh