Sunday 27th December

| BY 10 Magazine

Dunhill: The Business Bag

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 12.23.07If you happen to be a man of business, or if you prefer, a businessman, you will certainly understand the importance of possessing a business bag. A bag that can accompany you on your various business outings, see to your every business need, a bag from which, quite simply put, a business man can conduct business. Successfully. You cannot be a successful man of business if you do not possess the right bag. So the only question that remains is this: would you like a bag that simply cannot fail to attract business? If the answer is no, please go directly to the next page. Do not pass Go. Do not collect £200. If the answer is yes, then allow us to direct you to the latest in business-bag offerings from the fine English house of businessman style: Dunhill. Are you looking for a sleek briefcase creation, in which to transport large amounts of cash? One that opens with a satisfying click and spring action to reveal vast amounts of cash that can be used to both intimidate and impress? Then the briefcase is for you. Or maybe you require something more spacious in which to keep the tools of your trade, or simply a clean, pressed shirt so that you can change into something fresh post a vigorous game of every successful businessman’s favourite recreational activity, then look no further than the doctor’s bag, with its rounded edges and shiny lock. Locks are a very important component of business bags. They keep successful businessman-type secrets safe. A good lock is the key to your success.

Text by Natalie Dembinska, taken from Issue 42 of 10 Men, on newsstands now…