Sunday 10th June

| BY Dino Bonacic

Edward Crutchley: Menswear Spring/ Summer 2019

When you go to a fashion show, you don’t really expect to see a meeting of Britney Spears, Japanese court dress and 1940’s tailoring. But leave it to Edward Crutchley to take it there. While “Work Bitch” blasted from the speakers, a group of sharply dressed models marched down the runway, creating the kind of confusion that only a runway show can create. Where are they going? What are the doing? Who are they meeting? It was all just a nod to what a master of references Edward is. Taking inspiration from everything and anything, his work surpasses ideas of cultural appropriation – it’s about taking small elements from traditional dress or contemporary subcultures and infusing them into everyday silhouettes. Whether it’s prints mimicking stain glass windows or black silk embroidered with gold thread, attention to detail is key in the world of Edward Crutchley. Casual tailoring is what this brand is known for, but for Spring/ Summer 2019, the looks became spontaneously sporty. Bodycon crop tops worn under slouchy suiting, printed boxy shirts tucked into transparent nylon trousers – these clothes were made for moving. But whether sporty, casual or formal, the looks are unmistakably Edward Crutchley. Season after season, he looks at the world through the concept of a global village and thinks beyond the borders of culture. And when you’ve got Kim Jones (among many others) sitting front row, you know you’re doing something right.

Photography by Jason Lloyd-Evans