Tuesday 21st June

| BY 10 Magazine

Emporio Armani: Menswear SS17

Giorgio Armani was obsessed with identity for his Emporio Armani collection. He printed his invite, backdrop and clothes with a fingerprint – we assume his own. Maybe Mr Armani has trouble unlocking his iPhone via the touch ID thingy – we know ours always seems to be ballsing up. But if it was a technical glitch that inspired the collection, it wound top being beautifully reiterated in fingerprint jacquards and shattered bits of the instantly-identifiable Armani eagle woven and embroidered onto garments, like the thumbprint of the actual Emporio Armani brand. The whole thing felt modern, light and sporty, focussed on simple clothes that will work in anyone’s everyday lives. And there was a short-shorts finale of sporty types in EA7 gear that would delight anyone. Never thought we’d see a skateboard on an Armani catwalk, but we loved it.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans