Saturday 17th June

| BY Jack Moss

Emporio Armani: Menswear SS18

Why is pop starlet Shawn Mendes brandishing his wrist at us? Have we done something wrong? Oh no, he’s just got a nice new watch. Emporio Armani, natch. Touchscreen. Ouuu. Must just be showing it off, bless. Shawn closed she show, a show that didn’t have much to do with Shawn Mendes at all, and was really more about Japan, but the addition of a handsome popstar is always appreciated so we’re not complaining. So, Japan. There was something of the Kung Fu to this. Or, in the case of the man kicking his way down the catwalk, a lot of Kung Fu to this. Let’s start by saying it was very silky. Fluid. Kimono jackets were worn instead of blazer, some open at the front, here worn with full, wide-leg trousers that came just short of the ankle, or layered at the side to amplify the silhouette. Other tailoring came in Japanese wallpaper prints, fastened with Asian-style clip fastenings or belted around the waist. A whole Samurai thing too – headbands sat on the model’s heads, quilted jackets, silhouettes cinches with tie fastenings. And, where this could have been pastiche, it fitted well with Mr Armani’s vision – he’s always evoked those loosened up shapes when it comes to tailoring, here just taking it a step further. Plenty more to be had, though – we would go into it all but at 100-or-so looks it would take more time than we have. So let’s just surmise that there’s something for everyone and for all facets of day-to-day life. I mean, with Mr Armani, did you expect anything less?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans