Thursday 3rd October

| BY Helena Fletcher

The Time is Now: Emporio Armani’s Next-Generation Smartwatch is Here

Aside from telling the time, what can your watch do? Probably not a lot in comparison to the new Emporio Armani Smartwatch 3. Available just in time for the start of the holiday season, comes the next evolution of Emporio Armani Connected touchscreen smartwatch series, and it’s pretty darn impressive.

Let’s get technical here for a sec: we’re talking more storage (8GB to be precise), extended battery mode (four different battery life settings) and the addition of a speaker which enables you to take calls on your smartwatch, play music and talk to the Google Assistant. And it’s all packaged into a lighter design, available in an aesthetically pleasing matte black with a stainless steel mono-link bracelet or a sleek black aluminium case with accents in a choice of blue, green, yellow, orange or silver, which evokes the ready to wear line, paired with a black rubber strap. Did we mention it’s compatible both with iPhones or Android phones, powered with Wear OS by GoogleTM and the Qualcomm® Snapdragon WearTM 3100 platform, swim-proof and able to tack GPS and your heart rate? Very Mission Impossible; Tom Cruise eat your heart out.

The Emporio Armani Connected smartwatch collection is available online and in selected stores. Photograph by Lachlan Bailey.