Friday 16th October

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Ten Loves: Emporio Armani R-EA Jacket

David Attenborough recently joined Instagram to spread his message of saving our planet amongst the younger generation. If a 94-years-young Sir David can twiddle his thumbs and navigate through the world of social media, surely we can turn our back on fast fashion, and for good this time. With the release of the new R-EA jacket from Emporio Armani, things are looking up.

For autumn/winter 2020, Emporio Armani presents a collection filled with “pragmatic urban spirit” whilst being sustainably produced, putting the planet we call home first. The R-EA jacket is as loud as it is stylish. Branded with the words “I’m saying yes to recycling,” wearers become not only a walking billboard for Armani but also promoting recycling and the importance of an environmentally conscious attitude, in the process. The jacket, as well as the entire collection, is made with recycled, organic and regenerated fabric. The wool is ‘Zero kilometre’ – recycled from local pre-consumer textile waste and scraps, the cotton is “grown with low environmental impact,” whilst the nylon and polyester are all made from recycled materials. Hopefully, this will pave the way towards a more sustainable fashion future that is both high-end and good for the environment.

The rest of the collection, which includes everything from windbreakers and dungarees to sunglasses and nylon bags, also follows the same fashion foreword path. With shapes that draw inspiration from workwear, Emporio Armani is making recycling cooler than ever (not that we ever doubted it!). Both menswear and womenswear collections are oversized and edgy, though the womenswear does share some more feminine features – with cropped hems and fitted shorts. So, as we kit ourselves out head-to-toe in the new collection, we’ll be giving Sir David Attenborough’s Insta a follow and joining him by saying “Hell Yes!” to recycling.

The Emporio Armani R-EA capsule collection is available online now and in select stores.