Thursday 5th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Zegna Present the First Chapter of Their New Campaign, #WhatMakesAMan

Questioning the modern understanding of a man and his wardrobe, Ermenegildo Zegna just launched their latest campaign. #WhatMakesAMan puts actor Mahershala Ali and artist Nicholas Tse into the focus as the ambassadors of the contemporary ideas of manhood. Accepting there isn’t just one answer to the question of “what makes a man?”, the team at Zegna present personal stories of the two men, giving way to the individuality of their audience.

“There’s a world to discover and I get to define that for myself,” says Ali in one of the videos, reminding us of his Oscar-winning performance in Moonlight which started a wave of conversations on masculinity and sexuality in Hollywood. Embracing weaknesses as much as strengths, the society’s understanding of being a man evolves daily, and Zegna are here to capture its meaning in this very moment. Instead of offering answers, the brand’s AW19 campaign gives questions that help ideas grow into the right direction. All while presenting some exquisitely tailored menswear that draws inspiration from the 110-year-long heritage behind Zegna’s name. Oh, how times have changed since then – but a beautiful suit will always be a beautiful suit.