Friday 12th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Ermenegildo Zegna: Menswear AW18

There’s something sexy about tailoring, a man in a well cut suit. It’s something often overlooked in fashion, tailoring, but from a menswear perspective, nothing looks as good. The sharpness of cut brings to mind Bond. Not James, but the villain, which, lets be honest, Flemming was a lot better at writing than heroes. Aren’t all of those turtle neck and trouser exits, combined with a tinted aviator sunglass ever so slightly villainous? Add a furry white cat into the equation and the debate as to who has a larger nuclear button would become redundant, if only for the fact that we’d finally be presented with a third option that actually presses play and collects their £200 for doing so.

To be honest, the above rant isn’t too far removed from the central theme that ran through the Zegna show, “Invaded by snow, upon which models leave footprints, writing graphic paths as they stride”. For which they should be sent back to spy school, as the second rule of spy school is to be invisible. The first rule though they’ve mastered. Be suave. And that they are. Everything here is tailored and fitted to within an inch of it’s life- we would expect nothing less from master Alessandro Sartori of course. Shoulders are sharp, outerwear vented, cuffs and hem hit on-the-head that hard to master break in a wrist or ankle that whispers money. If you’re gonna insist on being a villain with a mouth full of karats, who only drinks his martini’s shaken not stirred, then you better look the part. With Zegna you do.  

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans