Saturday 17th June

| BY Jack Moss

Ermenegildo Zegna: Menswear SS18

Sophomore collection from Alessandro Sartori at Ermenegildo Zegna (kind of – in his latest incarnation as Artistic Director of the house, at least), and safe to say it was a success. Alessandro is brilliant at harnessing incredible, superlative capabilities of the Zegna machine – they’re awful proud of looming their own fabrics and other Willy Wonka-type things we don’t wholly understand – but here, Sartori pares that overwhelming luxury back into something a little more understated. Day we say day-to-day? Not our day-to-day, obviously, but a very rich person’s day-to-day. Because really, at the heart, these are pieces you recognise – linen blazers, bombers, even sweatshirts, just here made… better. There was something nice about the silhouette, loose on the body and roomy on the leg – far away from the slightly stiff notions of traditional Italian tailoring, so too the warm colour palette – sunburnt orange, white, beige. Call it an easy luxury – that luxury coming through in the afformentioned fabrics themselves, fabrics that are without much exaggeration, the very best – wholly justifying the price tags of say, two grand a pop. Ya, that sounds a lot, but split that over the course of a year and it’s only £5.40 a day. That’s a Pret lunch, babes. Start saving.