Monday 7th November

| BY Jack Moss

EXCLUSIVE: Larry Clark’s Brand New Film For Dior Homme

How best to combine three of my personal passions? Those passions being: skater boys, expensive fashions and film director Larry Clark? Well, handily – this. I am, of course, referring to the above film, coming to you directly from the house of Dior Homme in Paris and lensed by the legendary film director himself. It’s all to celebrate the fine work of Kris Van Assche in the foot department, ably showing off his capsule collection of sneakers for Spring 2017 on a selection of skateboarding lads as they wheel around the streets of gay Paris. Shot in the boys’ natural habitat, the Museum of Modern Art and the Palais de Tokyo, they wear a mix of Dior Homme, their own clothes and (probably) the sweet scent of youth. According to the release, “A Larry Clark Project / Paris Session captures a high contrast snapshot of Parisian Grandeur and the community of skateboarders who practice on and around it’s colossal monuments. The film invokes the feeling of abandon and youthful rebellion seen in his 2014 masterpiece The Smell of Us.” Although, it must be said that this is a little more PG than the 2014 movie, being as the boys are 1) wearing clothes and 2) aren’t surrounded by foot fetishists, armpit sniffers and old men turned on by the smell of teen bodies. Which, usually would be a bad thing, being as we are purveyors of various elements of filth but, well, we’d never dirty a Dior Homme get-up. That, my dear, would be sacrilege.