Monday 14th September

| BY 10 Magazine

Fendi: Amanda Film

They say that manners maketh a man. But what else? Well, a moustache is a handy signifier of manhood. As is men’s clothing. Or the undertaking of vigorous rowing, horse riding or other such manly type activities. And so we come to Fendi’s latest fashion film, directed by Patrick Kinmouth and Antonio Monfreda. In it, the gamine Lady Amanda Harlech dons such a masculine, moustached guise, of a gentleman roaming his way through a brooding Italian landscape. Her wardrobe as a man? Fendi, of course, the film showing off their AW15 collection – an intellectual, reflective offering of chunky knitwear, cords and tweeds. As a result, we must say that Harlech looks rather dashing as her masculine alter ego. But what else makes her perfect for the role? Her name actually has the word man in it. So that’s what the film is called. aMANda. Handy. Fendi told us that it reflects to current fluidity for gender in fashion, “embodying Fendi’s spirit for pushing boundaries and breaking conventions”. The full film will be shown in a screening with Harlech and Silvia Venturini Fendi on September 15th, but kind as ever, we have a special preview. Watch it above.