Friday 13th December

| BY Paul Toner

Ten Loves: Fendi FFluid Lace-Up Trainers

2020 is quickly creeping upon us, and we bet you’ve already begun drafting those New Year’s resolutions of yours. Quit smoking, cut down on drinking, go vegan (again). Such goals sit in a nicely compiled note on your phone; a sort of fantasy rulebook you’ll most definitely break before January ends. Joining a gym is a more likely endeavour to follow through if you’re looking to spruce up your lifestyle. If you’re going to start pumping iron, you may as well do it in style. Fendi has created the ideal trainer for the gym glamazon (or anyone pretending to be one). Aptly titled Fendi FFluid – double F included, of course – the trainer’s arched shape and curved lines make it a chunky trainer perfect for all occasions.

Fendi FFluid comes in two variations, with the upper constructed from either a glossy neoprene or a technical mesh. The former comes in a jet-black finish, the swirls accentuated with a white-lining. The second variation comes in a brighter colour palette; muted pinks, caramel browns along with neon and burnt oranges look fantastic when paired with the Fendi monogram tucked away in the tongue. Packed with a bunch of nifty features, such as the coordinates of the Fendi headquarters stamped on the suede, or the internal 35mm to add an extra spring to your step – these unisex trainer are a must-have for your 2020 gym wardrobe. Or if you’re like us, cancel that gym membership, and sport them as a sensible-yet-slick choice of footwear for pub-crawling – the only form exercise anyone truly needs.

Fendi FFluid trainers are available online now and in select stores.