Monday 16th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Fendi: Menswear AW17

Fendi’s winter 2017 menswear packed a pretty hefty wallop – it always does. It’s something about a man wearing a full-length fur coat, and fur slides, and a fur beanie, as well as a bag dangling mink and fox google-eyed muppety monsters. It’s a lot of a look. But this time, infused with the zinging neon colours of eighties and early nineties sportswear and magazine graphics, it was even more eye-catching and mind-boggling than normal. Positivity was the intention, Silvia Venturing Fendi stated, an abstract idea of the good overpowering the bad. What a great message for right here and now. And there was plenty of great fashion, with Fendi’s models bouncing out like computer game characters in puffed-out puffers and brightly-coloured furs and leathers. Stick Fendi’s signature Roman yellow – which here appeared on a sweater emblazoned with the word too – in a big dark room, and you’ve got Pacman. And who doesn’t love Pacman? After a weary couple of weeks of shows – the start of a co-ed season stretching through until March – it takes quite a lot to make the fashion pack crack a gurning grin. But Fendi did it. Positive vibes pay off. There was another sweater, sloganeer with the word “LOVE”. And love it we did.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans