Tuesday 19th June

| BY Roxy Lola

Fendi: Menswear Spring/ Summer 2019

Welcome to the dark side. Fendi took us into the depths of the most heavenly hell for Spring/ Summer 2019 Men’s. Silvia Venturini Fendi chose to collaborate with artist Nico Vascellari on the set as well as the illustrated prints and logos through the collection. From a blackout chamber under a burning neon Fendi sign complete with devils riding pitchforks into the night sky, the Fendi men came prowling, sunglasses with the tint on and all the Fendi prints on. The FF logo was reworked into a cartoonish font using watercolour, covering bag straps and shining slick on matching shirt/ pant/ jacket looks and making up the lining of coats. Full force Fendi. Vascellari graphically switched up the word FENDI to read FIEND and ROMA to read AMOR. We like his style. Alice in Wonderland-esque playing cards were slapped onto T-shirts, Silvia as the Queen of Hearts, Karl Lagerfeld as the Joker, or as called here, ‘JoKarl.’ A great alter ego. A feverous red and damned black was the iconic colour duo for this collection, horned demons made up intricate patterns joining a tribe of FF-tongued snakes and clawed frogs on shirts . Eat your evil heart out, Nico. Bags were strapped tightly around waists and held in hands, swinging in hypnotic form. There were suits, there were sneakers, bucket hats, sandals and new logo’d patches. Classic Fendi, hotter than hell. Hella good. The Fendi menswear DNA is strong. May the Fendi force be with you.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans