Tuesday 21st June

| BY 10 Magazine

Fendi: Menswear SS17

We may not be able to afford a Picasso artwork, but we can scrimp and save to afford a Fendi rendition of his aesthetic. Picasso formed the basis for the latest Fendi Spring 2017 mens show, alongside fellow intellectual heavy-weights of Salvador Dali and Albert Einstein, even. The models, in short shorts and short-sleeves, sauntered around a deep blue something in a cabana-inspired set. Einstein on the beach? Appaz. Stripes were a key leitmotif, harking back to a Fendi signature print that caused a frenzy in the eighties and was exuberantly revived today – redolent of deckchairs to us Brits so perfectly fitting the theme. It’s spring, so Fendi’s fur took a practical back seat, on the whole, to easy lightweight fabrics, bright colour , Terry towelling – fun, light-hearted and light-weight stuff perfectly suited for holiday. I say “on the whole” because there was still a fuzzy Mongolian lamb chubby like a lump of mutant AstroTurf gone rogue. Rod Stewart on the beach? Maybe.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans