Monday 19th June

| BY Jack Moss

Fendi: Menswear SS18

True fact – those pesky powers that be at Ten Towers have recently implemented a “shorts ban”. Our legs must be fully trousered at all times. Entirely sure that this flouts some sort of labour law. Considering legal action. That said, reason for the ban was partly understandable – it came into force after one (here unnamed – we’ll spare you the visual) senior member of the team wore a pair so brief that a passer-by told him to, politely, “put some clothes on.” But surely an exception can be made with the cracking tailored shorts at Fendi this afternoon?

They seem totally suitable for our working girl wardrobe – v professional – and, as if to prove our point, they were worn here with with a tucked-in shirt and tie which fell just over the waistband. Rest of the collection was really (really) bloody good – it had a retro-tinged, almost grandaddy feel to it – boxy Harrington jackets worn with a high-waisted trouser and tucked in bowling-style shirts, coloured anoraks, Seventies prints, sleeveless knits. But here, shot through with Fendi-level innovation – namely, the brilliant, almost sheer checked fabrics which here were formed into lightweight overcoats and trousers. This is the man we want to be next summer, rather than the scruffy, perspiring mess that we are this one. Too much to ask?

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans