Sunday 28th February

| BY Paul Toner

Fila: Ready-to-wear AW21

How does a brand like Fila – which has shaped, defined and re-defined again our perception of streetwear – celebrate its 110th anniversary in the middle of a global pandemic? Paying homage to the brand’s incredible history, superstar stylist and editor-in-chief of Perfect Magazine, Katie Grand, was enlisted to re-imagine key pieces which have shaped Fila’s heritage. “I chose pieces from the archive I responded to immediately,” said Grand in the show notes. “I was surprised how modern most of them look and that’s mainly down to having such an iconic logo and branding.”

Touring between the pillars of Fila’s history – tennis, golf and motorsports included – Grand curated a wardrobe informed by the past but firmly grounded to the styles of today. Argyle knits, roomy shellsuits and name-plated swimsuits come alongside sporty pencil skirts and bobsleighing lycra get-ups (with matching Fila nails to match).

“Everyone has pretty much spent the last year in much more practical clothing. We’ve not really had anywhere to go, so the focus on fashion has shifted hugely towards something more practical and longer-lasting,” adds Grand. Give it another 110 years and this sort of clobber will be just as desirable.

Photography courtesy of Fila.