Tuesday 9th August

| BY Jack Moss

FIRST LOOK: 10 Men Issue 44


Your very first look at the latest issue of 10 Men, which comes with the accompanying headline of TRIBE, PACK, QUEST. Punchy, Did we mention it’s also the biggest ever? Yep, we’re size queens And, as an introduction to the issue, here’s the Editor’s Letter from our always fearless Editrix-in-Chief Sophia Neophitou, accompanied by cover number 1, photographed by Suffo Moncloa, fashion editor Jack Borkett. Phwoar! Our lovely model, David Trulik, is here clad entirely in Dior Homme, taken from our profile of the Parisian house, featuring an interview between Mr Alexander Fury and Kris Van Assche. But first, over to Sophia. Because, well – she’s the boss lady. Listen up. Then, go forth and buy – it’s out Friday. Don’t fucking forget.



This season I have experienced a full season of men’s fashion shows, city wide, London, Milan and Paris. Not my normal dipping in and out, but full-blown men’s shows, viewing every single city, every single fabulous show. What did I glean from this experience? Well, the biggest difference between the menswear and womenswear circuits is the calmness, the genuine kindness and, of course, all the charm, populating every bench and chair, from the men’s magazines’ editors and writers. People showing genuine concern for one another. But probably the biggest surprise was the actual shows themselves. They hardly ever ran late – tops, probs 10 minutes, never very much more – it felt like I had gained endless hours by the end of the each day. So, menswear is an experience I would happily replicate without hesitation.

The menswear shows are, plain and simple, the most wondrous thing on the yearly fashion calendar.

What was also interesting for me were the serious themes that were explored and talked about, without them being rammed down your throat. Gentle undulations and suggestions presented themselves, reflections of the world, no judgment.

So, this season, as we moved like fashion nomads from city to city and show to show, the biggest takeaway, for me, was this sense that designers are reflecting the political dilemma that a huge percentage of the world’s population is facing a sense of displacement. People who are being compelled to move – not through choice but for survival – to flee their homes, their worlds, because of political unrest. The migration report 2015 showed that upwards of 60 million people were being forcibly displaced worldwide as a result of persecution, conflict and generalised violence. The number of refugees and internationally displaced persons worldwide continues to grow.

So, how did this situation manifest itself in our environment?

The designers and collections expressed a sense of the familiar, tried and tested silhouettes, all the fabrics felt heavier, tweeds, quilted coats and dense fur, as though in preparation to travel across continents, come rain or shine, fully prepared, layered and protected. There were more subdued colours, more layers, bigger volumes, as if compelled to wear everything all at once. The bulky protection of all these layers and elements. Ready for any eventuality, prepared to move quickly if necessary.

So, this issue was our attempt at incorporating, merging and reflecting all these conversations. We tasked our teams to find a way to express their vision. Everyone did, in their very specific way, mindful of what these themes may mean for the bigger picture.

I do believe fashion has always had a social conscience and, for me, during this season, more so than ever. Hopefully, we can all take hope and positivity away from what we are bombarded with on every news feed today and hope humanity eventually comes to its senses.

It seems menswear is much deeper and more complex than I ever expected it to be.

Sophia Neophitou-Apostolou



Photographer: Suffo Moncloa
Fashion Editor: Jack Borkett
Hair: Alberto Lloret
Make-Up: Sergio Corvacho At Atlf Studio Using Anne Semonin
Model: David Trulik At Prm
Photographer’s Assistant: Alberto Moreno Omiste
Fashion Assistant: Caio Reis
Retouching: Suffo Studio Lab Lab 35 Madrid
Casting And Production: John Haywood At Mini Title
Shot At Q17, Calle Quintiliano, 17, Madrid Thanks To Amelia At Prm

Taken from Issue 44 of 10 Magazine, TRIBE PACK QUEST – on newsstands Friday.