Friday 9th June

| BY Finn Blythe

Future Fabrics: A Look Inside Stone Island’s Latest Lookbook

We love a high-tech fabrication here at Ten – because we are very high-tech and terribly modern ourselves – and, this AM, we’re getting our fill from Stone Island, who are flexing their sizeable R&D (Research & Development, babes) muscles with their latest lookbook, filled to the brim with future-fabrics. Our personal favourite of said future-fabrics? Ice knits. Yes, because they will match with our frozen hearts, but also because – well, you know those novelty mugs? The naughty ones where the woman’s bits are revealed when you put hot water in them? Well same with this (kind of) – the knitwear changing colour at lower temperatures, from yellow to orange and emerald to military green. What sorcery is this? Heat thermal sensitive resin, apparently. We’ll just nod and agree. And, talking of thermal sensitive, there is much to wrap yourself up in here – puffy, furry outerwear as far as the eye can see – some suitable for arctic climbs, others for a nip to the offie. There’s lots of nylon too, so Garth will be happy. He loves the feel of a nylon trou. Zip fleeces too, like your parents had, but better. Personal fav? Those puffy trousers – we’ll call them sleeping bags for the legs. Anyone? Please?