Thursday 26th November

| BY Paul Toner

George Bamford Tells Us All About His New Tag Heuer Timepiece

Everyone who’s even remotely into their watches is bound to know who George Bamford is. The young businessman is the brains behind the Bamford Watch Department – the industry’s go-to customisation service for turning top of the range timepieces into exclusive rareties – skyrocketing values in the process.

Today it was announced Bamford has customised one of Tag Heuer’s most well-known pieces – the Aquaracer – into a slick piece of arm candy. “Collaborating with Tag Heuer is a very special thing,” explains Bamford. “Collaboration is about both sides working together to create something unique, maximising strengths and being proud of the end result. The passion, knowledge and vision is inspiring and it nurtures growth and the ability to create a watch you always want to be wearing on your wrist.” 

With only 1500 pieces made in total, this unique addition to the Tag Heuer family features Bamford Watch Department’s signature black dial, which comes stamped in both brands’ logos. Orange accents adorn the hands and bezel, as well as trimming the watch face – complementing the sandblasted bracelet made from matte titanium, which is both lightweight and resilient.  

“I am like a kid in a candy store when I visit the archives at Tag Heuer. As a self-proclaimed watch geek, I love to deep dive into watches and spending time with Catherine Eberle-Devaux is always the biggest treat,” says Bamford. “I wanted to create the ultimate tool watch and the Aquaracer is a watch that will stand up and will be worn anywhere and everywhere.”

 Bamford describes this unique version of the Aquaracer as both “reassuring and future-looking”, designed through a subtle sporty lense to evoke the feeling of almost forgetting that you’re wearing it. “Anything limited edition is a special touch of magic,” Bamford affirms. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. 

 The Tag Heuer x Bamford Watch Department Aquaracer Bamford Limited Edition is available here.