Saturday 25th May

| BY Dino Bonacic

Giorgio Armani: Cruise 2020

It’s been a year of celebrating Japan at Giorgio Armani, and the story has now escalated into a spectacular finale. There were subtle nods in several of his recent shows dedicated to the the rich heritage of Japanese architecture, as well as the furniture collection and exhibition (still on) at the Armani/ Silos, both in collaboration with legendary architect Tadao Ando. Yesterday, however, wasn’t just a nod or an homage – Mister Armani took the Cruise 2020 tour all the way to Japan’s capital in order to present the world with his latest collection.

The backdrop for the show was the Tokyo National Museum, the largest and oldest museum in the whole city – a cultural equivalent to the power of the Italian brand. Feminine but boyish, exuberant yet modest – the Giorgio Armani Cruise 2020 show was a story of contradiction, put together as tastefully as you can imagine. It all started off with a neutral mindset – colours and silhouettes were unassuming, setting up an idea of zen. As the rich collection went on, the story grew in volume – layers started shedding, and a sense of chaos ensued. Hues of rich red and floral embroideries, mixing of printed poppies and geometric graphics, statement accessories that took you into the evening… The men’s storyline mimicked the womenswear, going from casual suiting into its rich and extravagant variations. It was almost theatrical in its nature, reminiscent of 1980s shows which crafted the contemporary vision of Giorgio Armani we all know and love.

Simultaneously with the show, the legendary Armani/ Ginza tower is having its re-opening, with the monumental front of the brand’s now revamped after its original opening in 2007. And just like Mister Armani himself, this monument of creativity is shining brighter than ever.