Tuesday 16th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Giorgio Armani: Menswear AW18

There’s a sense of nostalgia permeating through the Giorgio Armani collection. Well, there’s definitely one permeating through the press notes, “The idea of a man drawing on memories and adventures that he speaks of today”. This is about freedom of expression, the joys of exploring an imaginary world, and there certainly is something rather dream like about this, with its patchwork of soft, almost romantic textures- what is velvet if not romantic- in a palette of midnight blues. It’s a classic Giorgio Armani collection, in that, how can the man who reinvented modern suiting not continue to do so? Trousers are fluid while jackets are cut to emphasise the shoulders and the toned physique that lies beneath. Bombers and tailored jogging bottoms add a relaxed feel to the collection. Can you call this Blue Velvet? Admittedly there were no oxygen masks here, and Frank was a little more rock ’n’ roll, psychopath hillbilly, but there’s no denying he’d look pretty suave in any of this.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans