Tuesday 19th June

| BY Roxy Lola

Giorgio Armani: Menswear Spring/ Summer 2019

Mr Armani’s men are letting loose. Loose in the most Armani way, which means cleverly calculated and curated. Spring/ Summer 2019 Men’s was entitled ‘Double-Breasted’. Mr Armani gave new life to the double-breasted jacket, realising it’s sense of ease, class and versatility. We do love a man in a double-breasted jacket. There was a hint of chaos to this collection in the way pants were ever so slightly rumpled and undercoats were half buttoned up. The double-breasted jackets came in shades of cool Armani greys and baby blues, as shirts dived into deep V’s underneath, printed geometric T-shirts fitted tight and some were just shirtless, a serious Spring/ Summer Italian moment. Not complaining. It was as fresh and clean as a Giorgio Armani show always is as they walked with fedoras on and hands in pockets, a bit of roughening up around the always chic edges, with neckties and liberating printed pants paired with suit jackets and knits coming in grape purples and hot pinks. Spice up your life. And he did with a series of printed silk satin pants and waistcoats, complete with plaited leather belt. The Armani man is a master at adapting to his environment, although we must admit, the environment of an Armani man is always high on luxury. Sounds good, feels good.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans