Thursday 11th December

| BY 10Magazine

Giuseppe Zanotti Celebrates The Opening Of First Men’s London Flagship

What better way to celebrate the arrival of Giuseppe Zanotti’s first men’s store in London amongst the already starry selection of brands in Knightsbridge, than dedicating an entire evening to finding shoes for my good self? No- I didn’t neglect to enjoy the fine array of VIP attendees, music care of Jack Guinness and the presence of the designer himself, but working with women for the past four years, it seems at least a little of their natural multi-tasking abilities has rubbed off. You can in fact do rather a lot with just one hand free (the other busy holding champagne). Like fondling the buttery soft leather of these Colgate white lace-ups for instance, and handing over your credit card for some furious swiping. 

By Vincent Levy