Thursday 8th November

| BY Connie Lombaya

Giuseppe Zanotti Launch The Urchin, A Trainer Inspired by The Big Blue

Ever wondered what it would be like to have a pair of fish for feet? Look no further – Giuseppe Zanotti has just released the Urchin, a limited-edition trainer collection. This dynamic shoe certainly lives up to its namesake, encased by a neoprene body and rubber 3D spiked sole adding extra flair but also (just like an urchin) ceasing opposition by simply being. Zanotti continues to go against the grain when it comes to conventional footwear, never shying away from a showstopper. This new trainer may be less glitzy than usual,  but, oh does it have all of the glamour. Fresh, modern – it’s en vogue. And of course, there’s no better distinction of an authentic Giuseppe Zanotti shoe than the iconic 2 strip-zip, on either side.

Out of the four distinct colourways, the black and white pairs are unisex, with the nude low-top being women’s and the hot orange one being strictly for the boys. If you’re anything like us Tenners, it’s dipping and dabbling in the pool of fabulous shoes, these Zanotti’s are a perfect match. Now dive right in and get your feet all wet with this new drop. And no time for waiting – they’re limited edition which clearly means they’ll sell out fast. 

The Urchin by Giuseppe Zanotti is available online and in selected stores.