Saturday 25th June

| BY 10 Magazine

Givenchy: Menswear SS17

Spiritual awakening, sunshine, fatigues, brilliant prints, mirrored embroideries, and a baker’s dozen of brilliant haute couture gowns. That was Riccardo Tisci’s spring Givenchy collection, in short. Tisci staged it out in the open, all the better for admiring his winking, Moroccan-tinged embellishments, his rich print, his new silhouettes (this time, inflated with giant cargo pockets puckered with zips. It was founded in the sports-tinged tailoring he has made one of the label’s hallmarks – but with a new mood of luxury. Which you have to do when your mens is next to haute couture, with MariaCarla in a pearl-encrusted white gown with butch integral necktie, and Bella Hadid in a jet fringed strapless sheath. Tisci was, apparently, more than up to the challenge of upping the ante on his menswear, as this adroit and perfectly-realised display more than proved.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans