Tuesday 14th June

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Givenchy: Resort 2017

Our dear Willy is currently in Florence for Pitti. No longer a virgin, this is his second time attending. More confident he plans to have a work holiday romance. The only problem is that our dear Willy is very (very) fussy. Not just any old guy will do. Well how about the Givenchy guy, Willy? He was in Naples just recently shooting the Resort 2017 collection. Now he might have to travel for hours (4 hours and 41 minutes to be exact) but we reckon he’s just what you need. He’s versatile that’s for sure. Whether he’s hustling on the streets in trainers and a Givenchy printed balaclava, or in the studio dressed up in a black suit or trousers he’s turning heads that’s for sure. “But what about the girls?” we hear you ask. Bella Hadid in her denim jacket, wide leg jeans and simple white tee. Or Mariacarla in the cocktail dress adorned with pink paillettes. Well dear Willy is partial to beautiful women such as them, but that is a story best told after (numerous) vodkas. So don’t be shy ladies, you’re invited to the party too. So enjoy dear Willy, but also enjoy readers. You might not be able to enjoy the clothes physically but visually is just as good.