Friday 23rd June

| BY Jack Moss

GmbH: Menswear SS18

Energy levels flagged this afternoon, and, well, this morning, at lunchtime and now, but mostly this afternoon – up to the point at which Benjamin Huseby and Serhat Isik’s Berlin-based fashion collection GmbH came and gave us the fashion equivalent of a massive shot to the jugular. Off we were transported to Berlin dance floors, by way of a high-NRG soundtrack, a soundtrack one Mr Spencer very much enjoyed, and exercised much restraint at not whipping his singlet and joining in. Gay men and dance music. It’s inbuilt. Thankfully, he left it to the cast of assembled models to, who did not so much dance but stomp, including a cameo from our (not so) secret fashion crush Stefano Pilati (we will move to Berlin, we will ensnare him and we will have his babies).

The clothing is almost perverse in its simplicity – the normal, filtered through the sweating rooms of Europa’s techno clubs. Even the name itself is the very average name for a German Limited Company, but does it not sound like some sort of illicit substance? Some sort of amphetamine? Garth thought that the collection was “fresh, clean and desirable, with an 80s sportswear vibe that wasn’t clearly sexually defined, just, well, sexy.” There you go. GmbH are doing good things, and here at Ten Towers, we are enjoying them very much indeed.