Monday 11th June

| BY Roxy Lola

GQ China Presents Private Policy and Staff Only: Menswear Spring/ Summer 2019

It was a Ten takeover at GQ China presentation this morning on our fourth and final day of London Fashion Week Men’s. Private Policy weren’t looking through the looking glass, but breaking it. Love a bit of disruption. Well they are known to be ‘sworn to fun and loyal to none.’ White on white denim was so pure, racing style logo was slapped on the back of jackets and pony tails stuck up tall bouncing with each step. It’s the Tara St Hill effect ,our Senior Fashion Editor at Large obvs styled up a storm of Punk, Hip-hop, Grunge and BSDM. All of our favourite things. Studded chokers were tight and sequinned matching sets were so right here. It was all about the new asian generation, all the “blended subcultures” the rebels or as Private Policy calls them “the REAL Asians!” Riding their wave in a whole lot of unzipped leather on leather. Staff Only was retail therapy in the most literal sense. Titled “May The Flowers I Burn Light Your Way,” Staff Only’s Shimo Zhou and Une Yea are here for the youth, their collection coded with a deeper understanding of emotional fragility, quite hard to capture in a collection but done so well here in new style protective gear PVC collars on guard and shining bright. Fake snakes slithered round arms and necks, in this newfound world where people are at peace in the palest pastel sage greens and lilacs on loose cargo pants and waterproof jackets that fell in perfect proportion with jumpers tied round waists and cropped-to-the-waist shirts underneath. That’s Garth Spencer’s superstar styling. In his element. And although harnesses were strapped round bodies to collars it all felt quite soft and graceful, with a new generation bride in a pocketed headdress/ veil closing the show. Oh so pure and deep. We feel revived after these Private Policy and Staff Only. Ready to take on the world in the most calm, collected way. With a multicoloured mohawk, of course. Let’s go boys.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans